Sizing Chart

Shape wear is meant to be rocked and not to be a rock you have on. It is meant to flatter, not flatten and certainly, not to have you moving like a stringed up puppet.

Imagine the disappointment of receiving the wrong sized shape wear. Everything about it from that point on becomes a tedious strain - from the struggle of putting it on to the end result that becomes a far cry from what you envisioned. Instead of Instagram worthy glam and banging va-va-voom confidence, you are left feeling frumpy, uncomfortable, dizzy and short of breath.

Thus, picking the right size in shape wear is essential.

Know your dress size? Super. Your shape wear in that size is often right for you.

In between sizes? We recommend sizing up for comfort. Since our shape wear is made from high quality slimming fabric, the hold will still be tight enough.

Not sure at all? We've got you. Take a look at our size guide for help.

Still unsure? We'd love to help you. You can reach out to us for assistance