Do you have a physical shop?
Yes, we do. You can find us at Haatso on the Eco-mog road, North Legon. Call us on 0557 595 963 if you have any difficulty

Do you shape wear for men?
Not at the moment, unfortunately.

Are you on social media?
Yes, we are. Check us out on Instagram or on Facebook @girlplaystore.

Can I get my products delivered?
You sure can. Orders made before 2pm are delivered on the same day. Check out our delivery, refund and exchange policy here. 

Is shape wear the same as underwear?
Whilst shape wear is definitely a type of under wear, it is different in terms of design and purpose. Shape wear is made from slimming fabrics that enhance your curves and compress your belly pooch, love handles etc.

Isn't shape wear itchy and uncomfortable?
Not if you are buying at GirlPlay shape wear. Our shape wear is seamless, comfortable and fits like a second skin.

Can I wash my shape wear?
You most definitely can. Check out our how to wash guide here.

How do I know which size shape wear to get?
For shape wear, we recommend getting your current dress size. If you are in between sizes however, sizing up is almost always the better bet.

Can I gift shape wear?
You most certainly can and our gift cards are available for that very purpose.