About Us

Hi Ladies, We're GirlPlay

We are the household brand for shapewear, and now we are providing a new way to shop shapewear online. We offer only the best and sell the highest quality shapewear in Ghana. Our goal is to inject confidence in women while solving all of their shapewear needs.

We are above all aiming to become a MOVEMENT. We aim to change the conversation about shapewear, an accessory we choose to use to boost and flaunt what we’ve got.

We came across a quote online which read, " I wear makeup, it enhances whats already there. I wear jewelry, it enhances whats already there. I wear shapewear, it enhances whats already there. Nothing wrong with wearing things that make you feel confident and fabulous"

This spoke directly to us because it truly is what shapewear is all about and the message we intend to get across. We wear what we want because of how it makes us feel.


“I am not my body.”

We urge all women to do nothing less than love their bodies. The concept of being perfectly imperfect rings true. Its a bold statement and a proud one at that. Girlplay wants to start a revolution. Success is key. Women need to succeed, and in doing so SUCCESS is key! With or without shapewear, this is key, but its also SOOO much more fun with shapewear!  


What you’ll find here

We offer the highest quality shape wear you'll find in Ghana. It cuts across all sizes, styles and compression levels for every occasion fancy or chilled. We stock a wide variety because we do appreciate all women, different sizes and types. Purchasing from Girlplay simply means we will work with you, assist you and support you through your buying journey.


The Movement

We are beautiful just the way we are, in our ever-changing bodies. We are moms, surgery survivors, weight-loss warriors, plus-sized queens, busy bees, grey-haired goddesses or just having a bloaty day.

We understand that shapewear CAN be body positive: we just sometimes need a little (or a lot) of help to get that extra oomph in our step, to get our inner light to shine through, to be brave.

And we think there’s no shame in that. No shame in that at all.