How to Wash. How to Wear.

How to Wear.

Without belabouring the point, we are all for shape wear. Especially, when it is as seamless, comfortable and sexy as ours. So, we can understand the tendency to want to sleep in your shape wear so to speak (We know we are definitely tempted to do so. Lol)

However, as much as we'd love to, we can't live in our shape wear. But we can certainly care for it so it lasts longer. Durable shape wear is not a myth and can be achieved with rather simple steps. So without much ado, here's how to have that long lasting love affair with your shape wear.

This might seem obvious but the first step is to purchase quality shape wear. Quality shape wear are guaranteed a longer life span than their much cheaper cousins as they are made with finer, durable and resilient fabrics.

Secondly and especially for the everyday shape wear woman, we suggest buying at least two or three shape wears. The slimming fabrics with which shape wears are made require at least a day to recover in between use. The mantra of one to wear and one to wash comes pretty handy here. And the third, you ask? To spare, of course. Like we say at GirlPlay, one can never really have too much shape wear.

Thirdly, wash your shape wear at least after every second use. It's essentially underwear even if it goes over your bras and panties. Anything that has such close contact to your skin must be cared for properly and thoroughly. A good rule of thumb is to care for it as well as you do your delicates.

How to Wash.

It's time to wash your shape wear but hold up. Here are some simple guidelines for you to use.

Detergents - Whether you are hand washing or machine washing, be sure to use delicate detergents for your shape wear. Not sure what we mean by delicate detergents? Think baby shampoo and the like. (Baby shampoo actually works well should you have run out of your favorite mild detergents).

Hand washing is the recommended way to wash your shape wear as it helps in the fabric maintaining its elasticity. Be sure to rinse cold, wring gently and air dry. Do not twist excessively to drain out water - that's just cutting off years of that shape wear.

If you choose to machine wash (can't say we blame you) - ensure that your settings are on gentle wash. Think cashmere and silk. The best practice would be to get mesh bags ( which are purposely invented for the machine washing our delicates, ladies). Place the shape wear and other delicates in and machine wash. Be sure to separate your shape wear from any hook and clasp bearing undies.
Done washing? Great! Do NOT place in a dryer! Dryers or centrifuging (fancy word for the spinning motion in your washer that sucks out excess water) are an absolute NO-NO here. Think Madam Karishika and Freddy Krueger level of horror! They will run rampage on that sweet baby. Air dry when you are done.
And ta-daa, that is it! With these easy but sure tips, you can shape wear any day, every day!
P.S - Madam Karishika is a fictional character from a Nigerian horror movie and Freddy Krueger is from the Hollywood horror movie, Nightmare on Elm's street.